Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring the next generation of managers is very important to our profession.

Aimed at recruiting, encouraging, and supporting those who aspire to move into chief administrative officer positions with cities, counties, and other local governments, Minnesota’s Mentoring and Coaching program is modeled on and borrows from those of the International City/County Management Association, Cal-ICMA (California), and others who have taken the lead in this area.

The Mentoring and Coaching program matches volunteer coaches (seasoned veterans of the profession) with those who aspire to become managers. Coaches will share their one-on-one time and professional expertise to support the professional development of tomorrow’s managers.

To connect with a coach through ICMA, please visit ICMA Coach Connect.

The following documents will be of assistance to both mentor-coaches and mentees in establishing a successful relationship:

How to Create a Great Coaching Relationship (pdf)
Key Factors for a Successful Coaching Program (pdf)
ABCs of One-to-One Coaching (pdf)

For more information, please contact:

All coaching "pairs" are encouraged to execute this:
Statement of Mutual Understanding (pdf)

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