Talk amongst yourselves!

Share Ideas & Connect with Other MCMA Members:

All members of MCMA are included in the MCMA MemberLink Online Community and will have access messages from the Secretariat Office or other members. 


How does it work?

Any member can post to the online community by logging into MyLMC MemberLink Community-MCMA or by sending an email to


How often do I get emails on this?

Members can sign up to receive messages as they are sent in real time, daily summaries of activity on the community, or no email at all.


Does it work like the old listserv did?

In most functions, yes. However, the reply all function is different for this new format: if you simply click "reply" to an email on the listserv, you are "replying all" by default.



More information about the MemberLink Communities are found here: If you have questions or need technical assistance, contact Madison Hagenau at 

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