Stephanie LaBrune (City of Tyler)
City Administrator/City Clerk
Andrew Langholz (City of St. Charles)
City Administrator
Connor LaPointe (City of Wells)
City Administrator
Jen Lehmann (City of New Brighton)
Assistant City Manager & Administrative Services Director
Brad Larson (City of Savage)
City Administrator
Andrew Letson (Meeker County)
County Administrator
Mark Larson (City of Glencoe)
City Administrator
Tom Lawell (City of Apple Valley)
City Administrator
Ari Lenz (City of Edina)
Assistant City Manager
Rachel Leonard (City of Monticello)
City Administrator
Greg Lerud (City of Becker)
City Administrator
Athanasia Lewis (City of Centerville)
Assistant City Administrator
Gregg Lindberg (City of Burnsville)
Deputy City Manager
Jack Linehan (City of Falcon Heights)
City Administrator
Robb Linwood (City of Wyoming)
City Administrator
Magan Livgard (Kraus Anderson Construction Company)
Business Development Director
Kristi Luger (City of Excelsior)
City Manager
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